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As the backpacks and lunch boxes get filled for the start of the school year, there’s no better time to address those nagging injuries you’ve been putting off.

Waiting too Long

Many injuries will heal on their own. Given enough time and adequate rest, you’ll find that the sore hamstring you’ve been nursing will slowly but surely stop hurting you.

But some issues need guidance. That sore shoulder that’s hurt you for 4 years? Indeed, it’s probably time to get that checked out.

The problem in waiting to address some issues is that you begin to develop compensations and inappropriate movement patterns. If it hurts to move your arm normally, you’re going to move it…abnormally.

Expert Guidance for Injury Prevention

Seeing a movement expert for your musculoskeletal maladies is an excellent step to take, and one you should take as soon as possible, before that sore shoulder turns into a complete rotator cuff tear

Physical therapists are the go-to experts on movement and preventing injuries, even though we are typically only considered “rehab” specialists.

If you see your internist once a year for a check-up on all of your organ systems, it only makes sense that you’d see your physical therapist once a year for a check-up on your movement issues.

After all, few of us just want to live longer, we want to be able to move and thrive for longer…right?

There’s no better time to see a PT then now! Contact Ben at Richardsonpt today for all of your physical therapy needs.